Steps to Sign Up

The price is $397 and comes with a money back guarantee.

Here are the steps to sign up:

1. Click the enroll button.

2. Tell us a bit about you.

3. Fill out your payment info and click “complete order”.

4. You will immediately get access to the entire course and spreadsheets and tools.


If for any reason you don’t like the program or us (impossible), just let us know and we will give you your money back.

No hassle. No hurt feelings. No drama.

You can take the entire course, download the worksheets, and use them. If you aren’t super excited about the content, just ask for a refund.


You have NOTHING to lose.

Oh! If you are a deeper researching type and still need more facts before you enroll, we have more for you to geek out on below…

A short and sweet video of us talking about the program

Video of Brooke and Mark talking about the course for a very long time.

(But just so you know, we think your time is better spent taking the course rather than deciding to take the course, so if you know you are going to buy it anyway, skip the extra research and get started.)