Short Courses

Long courses are
easy to make.

People just get on video and record what they know in rambling detail and put it on a site.

You are the one who has to edit out what you don’t need.

These courses are long and often overwhelming.

A Short Course is very different.

We basically created a long course and then went through and edited it down to only the most important concepts that you can take action on right now.

We kept the long stuff available, for those of you who want more resources and more detail, but we put it all on a different page you can click on to access.

We made the course clean and uncluttered so you can get through the meat of it and understand how to use it right away.

It’s kinda like the CliffsNotes and the Novel are both included. The Short Course is the CliffsNotes of Entre-Bookkeeping and you can refer to the Novel if you want more detail.

Everything is included with simple click resources. So if you click on some detail and go down a rabbit hole of context and deeper understanding, you can always just click the back button and get right back to the simplified short course.

We have also created (and when I say we, I mean Mark), Excel spreadsheets that you can start using immediately to create these reports and start using them. Just plug in numbers and play. (We give you very detailed directions if you want them.)

That’s the short of it.

Here are the details (and the price) if you want the course.