Creating a Program Together

Mark and I decided to create a program together.

So many people who don’t make the minimum revenue to work directly with Mark like I do, want to know all about our “secret” reports and the process for doubling revenue.

They want to know how to make data driven decisions.

So we decided to tell them.

We are both teachers at heart and we are both coaches by trade. We are committed to helping the coaching industry by helping coaches make money.

We also understand that the more money coaches make, the more likely they are to be able to one day afford to hire Mark as their own Master Bookkeeper/CFO.

And we personally don’t like how most Accounting and Finance is so boring. We love it and we are NOT boring at all.

So here is what
we teach in Entre-Bookkeeping…

1. The Basics of Accounting Bookkeeping
(On steroids with a lot of fun)

2. The Art of Forward Finance Bookkeeping
(How to use financial data to double profit)

It’s a HUGE topic. And we did you a very nice favor by making the course a SHORT COURSE.

Do you know what Short Course means?

Let me explain…