Now Let Me Tell You a Little Story...

I hadn’t talked to Mark
in a week.

We got on the call and he had run some marketing/sales projections based on how much money I wanted to make that year and how much our expenses were going to be that month.

He said, “You need to sell 10 clients into your Masterclass Program.”

“By when?” I asked.

“Within the next 30 days.”

“Ok, what happens if I don’t?”

“You will have to dip into your emergency fund that you created with your profit from last month.”

“Ok great. What can I spend on marketing to make this happen?”

“I have budgeted about $5k for you to run ads for this launch.”


I knew exactly what I needed to do that month to meet my yearly goal.

I knew exactly what I had to spend to make it happen.

(By the way, I sold 12 into that program and didn’t even use the marketing budget. That was fun.)

The lead reports from my bookkeeper made my role as the CEO of my company clear and focused.

My guess is that you would love for your bookkeeping to do this for you as well.

It can.

Let me tell you how.