Let's say you are selling Comedy Coaching

You are a coach who helps comics get gigs and make money.

You currently make about $75k a year.

This is not because you had a clear plan to make this much, but you just noticed that was your accounting at the end of the year.

Problem is, how do you repeat it
if you didn’t have a plan for it in the first place?

You want to make more money personally so you start to take more of the money in profit to buy more stuff for your house.

You aren’t sure about marketing so you don’t want to spend money there, because it seems like a black hole and you aren’t even sure if that money makes sense.

You hope for referrals and you post sometimes on social media.

Your meetings with your bookkeeper are dull because all you talk about is how much you owe in taxes and how much money you aren’t really making.

You decide that you most likely need a business coach to help you market.


You don’t know if you can even afford a business coach moving forward.

Yes, you might have the cash in the bank, but because you aren’t budgeting and forecasting, you don’t have an understanding of cash flow or the best way to get a return on your money.

Entrepreneurial Bookkeeping
gives you those answers.

Here’s how…