Mark is my entrepreneurial bookkeeper.

When he started using Forward Finance in my bookkeeping, my business started doubling each year.


Because we started talking about numbers in the future and not just in the past.

We started creating monthly quotas and goals.

We started budgeting so I knew exactly how much to spend on marketing.

We calculated the cost of getting a customer, and the lifetime value of a customer, and made better decisions based on that.

I made decisions based on data that were smarter and made us move faster.

We learned how to invest and save in a way that created more growth or more profit depending on what our needs were.

This took us from
$300k to $15 Million in revenue.

It literally changed everything.

We worked as a team to ask and answer the best questions to drive our growth, while maintaining our profit, and it worked.

We kept the ideas simple and the questions general. They almost seem obvious now.

But when we work with new businesses, they all seem to be making the same mistakes we were making before we implemented Entrepreneurial Bookkeeping.

Let me give you an example that’s kinda funny.